First Church of Christ, Scientist, Chevy Chase, Maryland




Watch this space for announcements about lectures, closing due to inclement weather etc.

The church service scheduled for tonight, February 20, will be held by teleconference only, due to inclement weather. The church building will not be open.  

Please follow these directions to join in the service at 8 pm:

1)    Dial 1- 641-715-3690.

2)    When prompted to enter the access code, punch in 704116#.

3)    Your line will be muted by the Reader:  you will be able to hear the Reader and may participate in the service by saying or singing the words of the hymns and praying the Lord’s Prayer aloud, but no one else on the line should be able to hear your voice or background noises that might come over your phone.

You will hear the Reader proceed through the service as usual. However, there will be no testimonies.  The service will end immediately after the Reader reads through the last hymn.  Please hang up at that time